28-29 All-Steel Roadster Body

The All-Steel 28-29 reproduction Roadster body is the most accurate reproduction body available today. Whether you are building a street rod or a 100 point AACA show car, this body is precise down to the last detail. Panels are made of gauge steel equivalent to that of the original car, and each panel is interchangeable with the original Roadster body.

Roadster bodies are hand-assembled by our expert metal craftsmen and built to customers’ specifications. Bodies arrive complete with floor pans, assembled cowl sections, doors and deck lid fit to the body. To view various body options, please contact one of our sales representatives at 888-795-7077


The Model A is the car that first launched Brookville Roadster. With more than 4.5 million Ford Model As produced, it was inevitable to reproduce replacement panels for the original cars. After several years of research and developing the tooling technology, Brookville Roadster became the industry pioneer of reproducing all-steel reproduction bodies.

One of the first bodies to be reproduced was the All-Steel 1928-29 Roadster. Containing all the details of the original Roadster body, the All-Steel 1928-29 Roadster is made of the identical gauge steel as the original Ford Roadster. The All-Steel 28-29 Roadster body has more square line details with square beads on the doors and short cowl panels that the gas tank rests on. These unique lines make the 28-29 Roadster one of the most popular body styles on the market today. With its reputation for quality materials, workmanship and, most important, accuracy of every original detail, Brookville Roadster components and patch panels are in demand by both collectors and street rodders and a mainstay of the street rodding world.


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