30-31 Full Fendered Roadster kit

The all Steel 30-31 Full Fendered Roadster kit maintains exact details and preciseness of the original car and can be assembled to any stage. The kits come with body, fenders, hood, grille, and a complete Model A chassis. Contact us at 423-326-0505 to learn more.


The 30-31 Roadster body is the second body style that makes up the four-year Ford Model A line. While the Model A Body styles spanned four years, the 30-31 Roadster body is completely different than the 28-29 Roadster body. Both bodies bolt to the same frame, while each body has its own body character and lines. The 30-31 Roadster body has curved body lines, a taller cowl panel, and a larger door opening than the 28-29.

Because the foundation of our business was manufacturing body panels to restore original Model As, the 30-31 Roadster body became the next logical body for us to reproduce. This classic All Steel 30-31 body is made of the same gauge steel as that of the original Ford body. All body panels are totally interchangeable with the original Ford Body.


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