Lokar Nostalgia 23 inch Shifter For Ford C4 Automatic Transmission




Want to take a “Blast to the Past”? Try out Lokar’s Nostalgia Shifter, which is designed with 2 bends in the lever, for that nostalgic hot rod look. Team those bends with Lokar’s Black Mushroom knob, and you have reached your destination! This shifter is designed to fit Ford C4 three-speed automatic transmissions, and features a multi-position bracket with all of the necessary linkage and hardware to complete the installation.

The Nostalgia Shifter comes complete with all the same functional features and safety features as our standard Shifter, including the exclusive Safety-Lock-Out Button, main plate and side brackets. The Nostalgia Shifter is 23″ in length and is accompanied by a Black Mushroom knob, which features Teflon lined button for smooth operation. Boots sold separately.

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Weight 11 lbs


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