• Triple plated show chrome finish
  • BIG 750cfm airflow – 55% more than regular 97s
  • Signature 97 outside shape – No change!
  • Ported distributor vacuum adds mid range torque
  • Runs out of the box. Pre-jetted for typical SBC/SBF
  • Chrome progressive linkages available with cable throttle and kickdown options
  • Polished 3-into-1 fuel line available for SBC



On the outside, it’s Genuine 97 all the way. But on the inside, it’s the ultimate 750cfm hot rod Tri-Power. Totally new 97s with improved fuel circuits, ported distributor vacuum and a whole lot more. Add our chrome progressive linkage and polished 3-into-1 fuel line (SBC only)  and you’re looking at old school carburetion with next level performance and drivability.

Designed as a Tri-power

Unlike the original 97, the BIG97 was designed from the start to be used in a Tri-Power – a central primary carb plus two less sophisticated secondaries on a progressive linkage. Cruise economically on the center Primary, then punch in the Secondaries when you step on the gas. It’s the perfect bolt-on for your small block Chevy, Ford or other overhead valve motor.

You can read all about BIG97 Primary carbs here. BIG97 secondary carbs have no power valve or accelerator pump circuits, but keep chokes, idle and transition circuits for steady idle and good low throttle manners. Dummy accelerator pumps retain the classic 97 look.


Ported distributor vacuum on the BIG97 Primary connects to your vacuum advance distributor to improve combustion efficiency in cruising mode. You’ll run smoother and cooler, with more torque and better fuel mileage.

Stromberg chrome 97s are hand-polished and triple-chrome plated with chromed brass plugs, screws and S-jet, and polished stainless steel linkage and springs. All threads and fuel passages are retapped and cleaned. We work hard to achieve a premium, show-quality finish at an affordable price. Please remember that hand-polishing and real chrome is not a perfect science. We believe this gives each piece an authentic, hand-crafted character, and we hope you do too.

Runs out of the box
It comes ready to run, too, though a wide range of jets and power valves are available to suit individual applications. Every BIG97 comes with full installation instructions and you can find more help on our Tech Center.


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