1932 Front End | Chrome


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Photo shows kit # HC-8743093C with optional brake kit # HC-8743100BF



Price listed is subject to change with additional options and parts.
What you get with part number HC-8743093C
Complete front end is set up for popular Vega cross steering (or you can specify Unisteer or Side steer) Super Bell dropped axle, Super Bell 1937-41 style spindles with nuts, index washer, fitted king pins, pinch bolts, spindle stop nuts, Super Bell steering arms, Posie Superslide, 7-leaf reversed eye springs, stainless steel clamps, Super Bell spring perches, Pete and Jakes shackles with black bushings, weld-on upper shock mounts, Pete and Jakes standard length Rod shocks, Super bell lower shock mounts, complete tie rod assembly, complete drag link assembly, panhard bar assembly including weld-on frame mounts, Pete and Jakes batwings, either hairpin radius rods with rear frame mounts OR 4-bar, and Super Bell BASIC BRAKE KIT with forged caliper brackets ( Includes: calipers, brake rotors, bearings, seals, cotter keys and dust caps. You can choose from 5×4 1/2″ Late model ford OR 5×43/4 Chevy bolt patterns Standard. (5″ and 5 1/2″ available) This kit has the Chrome Upgrade package. All components chrome except BASIC BRAKE KIT & WELD-ON BRACKETS. Aluminum Top King Pins Included at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

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Weight 111 lbs


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