Edelbrock 1125 1939-48 Ford Flathead Cylinder Heads

$720.00 $710.00

Bare Cylinder Head Style, Aluminum, Natural, 60cc – 69cc Combustion Chamber Volume Range



For early Ford and Mercury Flathead 24-stud V8 engines, 1938-1948. Extensive R&D and modern CAD systems give these heads more power potential and greater heat control than any before! Work well on stock or modified engines. Has a 65cc chamber producing 8:1 compression with the stock bore & stroke.

The original Edelbrock design for Fords and Mercurys
Rugged, ribbed internally and externally, with a large water capacity and excellent breathing characteristics
Cast at the Edelbrock Foundry in the USA of T-6 tempered A356 aluminum
8.0:1 compression ratio on blocks with a 3/16″ base relief (stock bore and stroke)
Compression ratio increase is approximately 3/10 of a percent with each 1/8″ stroke
NOTE: These heads should accept .410 valve lift. Edelbrock has changed the spark plug configuration for these heads recently. They now recommend Champion plug 271-RC12YC or Autolite 373-3924.


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