Highway 15 Wiring Kit




The Highway series was developed to handle the most demanding power requirements and accessories. With the Highway 15 you have the most flexibility in fuse box placement, and the freedom to customize your vehicle however you like. Each system comes with complete, easy to understand instructions, all the necessary wiring to construct a complete chassis harness and the most durable and adaptable fuse panel in the industry.

Power is distributed through stout 6 gauge buss bars, and self-locking “Hooke’s Law” clamp connections make sure your final terminations stay in place for the life of the car. Ample lengths of pre-labeled GXL wire make it simple to create custom routing specific to your needs.

The Highway 15 is a brute in a small package. Built with the same heavy duty internal components as those used in our Highway 22 panel, it can easily handle the basic power requirements of any vehicle. Its size makes it the perfect power center for roadsters, T-Buckets, kit cars, race cars or any other vehicle where basic operational circuits are required.

Additional Features Include:

  • A 175 amp MegaFuse for system protection
  • Built in turn signal and horn relays
  • Gauge cluster disconnect system
  • Headlight, ignition and floor dimmer switches
  • GM style steering column connection kit
  • Accessory sub harnesses for wipers, heat/air conditioning and radio
  • Complete installation instructions
  • The best technical and product support in the industry
  • Panel dimensions are 4.5” L x 4.5” W x 3.5” H

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs


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