Edelbrock Flathead Slingshot Manifold For 1938-48 Ford Flathead 1103


Carburetor Recommendations: Stromberg 3-bolt (97-type), Holley 3-bolt and Demon 98 3-bolt.

Installation Notes: Recommended intake gasket: Fel-Pro #MS2853. Manifold height: A-7.75″, B-7.75″. see A/B Measurements. Port exit dimensions: 1.35″ x 2.00″.


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The original Slingshot manifold was the first product ever offered by Vic Edelbrock Sr. and marked a milestone in the beginnings of the automotive aftermarket industry. Edelbrock has decided to re-release this legendary manifold; giving a new generation a chance to own this historic benchmark. Using a pair of two barrel carburetors mounted in a “Y” configuration, this manifold unlocked the potential of Ford’s versatile flathead platform for thousands of enthusiasts across the country. The Slingshot manifold is designed for use with 1938-48 style Flatheads, some late model blocks can be modified to work with these heads. It works with standard three bolt Stromberg, Holley and Demon carburetors and allows for the use of a period correct generator mounted in the stock location.

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