When we announced that Mike Goodman was retiring last year, many of our customers knew that it was the end of an era. Mike was the type of guy who made the extra effort to make the sale, or to help out a fellow hot rodder. Carrying on that legacy isn’t something to take lightly, and we are confident that our staff is up to the task of upholding Mike Goodman’s excellent customer service and his knowledge of the hot rod market. Of course, we still have longtime Honest Charley employee Joe Lombardo, as well as hot rod veteran, Steve Anderson working the phones, but we wanted to introduce some new faces at Honest Charley. These guys are the future of hot rodding, and they’re eager to help you with expert advice and quality customer service, whether you’re buying a complete chassis or an air filter.

Spencer Taylor
First is Spencer Taylor, a young man from the Nashville area who comes from a long line of car guys. He actually visited us a couple years ago in his 1966 Volkswagen Beetle (you can read the article here), and eventually started going to shows with us to help out when we were shorthanded. This “foot in the door” provided an opportunity for a full time job, and he hasn’t looked back since. If you’re calling to make an order, you may end up on the phone with Spencer, or you might run into him at one of our Cruise In events or other shows that we attend throughout the year.
Johnathan Sullivan
Our newest addition to the Honest Charley Speed Shop team is Johnathan Sullivan. He’s been around here for the last few years, but in a different capacity. His job started at Honest Charley Garage, working in the body shop, and he eventually moved up to handle the majority of our custom Wood Grain services. He’s still doing the wood grain stuff, but most of his time is spent in the Speed Shop, taking orders, making shipments and taking care of business. He’s another one of the guys that you may encounter on the phone or at a car show.

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